Configuration file

As of version 1.9.7 ellipsis has support for a configuration file.

The first found file from the following list will be loaded; - $ELLIPSIS_CONFIG - $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/ellipsisrc - $XDG_CONFIG_HIME/ellipsis/ellipisrc - $HOME/.ellipsisrc - $HOME/.ellipsis/ellipsisrc

This file will be sourced, after all other code. Because of this it's very powerful, you can even overload internal functions. (Use with care!)

Because ellipsis will run some code during it's initialization, the following variables can not be configured this way; - ELLIPSIS_PATH

You can use ellipsis info to check if your custom config file is being used.

 user:~  ellipsis info
 v1.9.7 (2fcf4e9)
   Home: /home/user
   User: user
   Init: 1
   Path: /home/user/.ellipsis
   Config: /home/user/.ellipsisrc
   Packages: /home/user/.ellipsis/packages

Attention: The init system will not load the config file. This means that custom functions and variables configured this way will not be available in pkg.init hooks.

The init system can not detect custom ELLIPSIS_PACKAGES settings configured this way. If your using a custom packages location and init hooks, you should configure this in your shells config file. (eg. export ELLIPISIS_PACKAGES="/my/location")