Ellipsis comes with no dotfiles out of the box. To install packages, use ellipsis install. Packages can be specified by github-user/repo or full ssh/git/http(s) urls:

$ ellipsis install ssh://
$ ellipsis install zeekay/vim
$ ellipsis install zsh

...all work. By convention username/package and package are aliases for (customizable using ELLIPSIS_PREFIX)

Full usage available via ellipsis executable:

$ ellipsis -h
Usage: ellipsis <command>
    -h, --help     show help
    -v, --version  show version

    init       source init code
    new        create a new package
    edit       edit an installed package
    add        add new dotfile to package
    install    install new package
    uninstall  uninstall package
    link       link package
    unlink     unlink package
    broken     list any broken symlinks
    clean      rm broken symlinks
    installed  list installed packages
    links      show symlinks installed by package(s)
    pull       git pull package(s)
    push       git push package(s)
    status     show status of package(s)
    publish    publish package to repository
    search     search package repository
    strip      strip . from filenames
    info       show ellipsis info


You can customize ellipsis by exporting a few different variables:

Variable Description
GITHUB_USER / ELLIPSIS_USER Customizes whose dotfiles are installed when you ellipsis install without specifying user or a full repo url. Defaults to $(git config github.user) or whoami.
ELLIPSIS_REPO Customize location of ellipsis repo cloned during a curl-based install. Defaults to
ELLIPSIS_PROTO Customizes which protocol new packages are cloned with, you can specify https,ssh, git. Defaults to https.
ELLIPSIS_PREFIX Customizes the prefix of ellipsis configuration packages (default: dot-).
ELLIPSIS_HOME Customize which folder files are symlinked into, defaults to $HOME. (Mostly useful for testing)
ELLIPSIS_PATH Customize where ellipsis lives on your filesystem, defaults to ~/.ellipsis.
ELLIPSIS_PACKAGES Customize where ellipsis installs packages on your filesystem, defaults to ~/.ellipsis/packages.
ELLIPSIS_LOGFILE Customize location of the logfile, defaults to /tmp/ellipsis.log.
export ELLIPSIS_USER="zeekay"
export ELLIPSIS_PROTO="ssh"
export ELLIPSIS_PATH="~/.el"